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HozAlt:Trailer: bOObs Group Art Show


Britta Adler (Curator and Artist)

My Role

Editor (start to finish; Adobe AE, PSD, PP)

Filled with milk, silicone or expectations: bOObs.

After the stunning success of their group art show bitch MATERial in 2018, the wonderful curators Britta (Helbig) Adler (arte veni!) and Saralisa Volm (POISON) decided to tackle another aspect of womanhood so often disregarded by the fine arts: the breast. The result? The group art show bOObs: Wir Zeigen Brust!, which took place Feb 20-Mar 8, 2019 at the Karl Oskar Gallery. The aim of the show was to encourage and show a natural and positive approach to the female body, far away from stereotypes, clichés, sexist ideas and traditional beauty standards. My role: To help generate excitement and interest for this fab exhibition, I produced this short trailer video using the image stills of the art, key bits of info, and eye-catching animations. This video was used as the cover image for the Facebook Event, and shared across social media platforms to advertise the vernissage. More information posted beneath the video, below.

art seen in above video still is by Annique Delphine


Britta (Helbig) Adler (arte veni!), Saralisa Volm (POISON)


Karl Oskar Gallery

Berlin, Germany

gif of bOObs event bideo

But wait, there’s more…


I also had the great pleasure of filming and editing the event video of the packed vernissage.