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Portrait Video //In the Pub with Enno (Ricordi)

My Role

Camera, Editor

"I like to be surprised by music... I like the incomprehensible."

In this video for publishing house Ricordi, the composer Enno Poppe tells us more about the impressive world premiere of his new violin concerto Schnur and the collaboration with Carolin Widmann, Alan Gilbert and other musicians - and he shares his thoughts on conducting with an open mind in laboratory-like rehearsals. This video was made with agency Pearls & Beans and a wonderful crew. My role: Camera, Direction, Editor+Titles (Adobe AE and PP)

photo courtesy of Jascha Zube of Ricordi

My role:

First Camera, direction, editing (Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro)

The whole team:

Lovely Producer: Magdalena Balkowski of Pearls & Beans (website)

Additional Awesome Cameramen: Sundran Daniel Krebs (Instagram), Achilleas Gatsopoulos (Instagram)

Wonderful Sound Guy: Constantijn Lange (website)

Location: Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg; Bruchberg Bar in Berlin

Social Media Animation

In addition to the video, I produced this animated collage for use on Instagram and Facebook. We also adjusted this collage to be used as a Facebook business page header.