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Festival Art Documentation //Electric Picnic, D.I.V.A. 2018


Annika Stridh, Ciara Chapman (Independent Artists)

My Role

Camera (Cell Phone); Editing (Adobe PP, AE)

An outdoor room, full of darling illustrations? That's an interesting visual story...

Thought the judges of the D.I.V.A. Artist in Residence program in the lead up to Ireland's largest music and arts festival, Electric Picnic, back in the summer of 2018. What was this art installation? A collaboration between Ciara Chapman (link) and Annika Stridh (link) who melded together their respective works, "My Chronic Pain Diary" and "Leavin' the Lights On". I captured footage via mobile phone and made two short recap videos for the artists, documenting their gorgeous work.

Slower Paced Recap Video

Faster Paced Recap Video