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Editorial Vox Pop // LDN Voices

My Role

Editor (Adobe AE, PP, PSD)

What does "Le Bonbon" mean to you?

This is a vox pop video done in London's trendy Broadway Market for Le Bonbon London's Facebook Page. Le Bonbon (link) is a serial magazine that highlights the trendiest local eateries, shops and cultural happenings in six French cities, and, as of 2015, in London. A vox pop video is one where the camera (wo)man and a reporter hit the streets in order to get short clips and opinions on a subject by the general public. My Role: Edit all the clips together with some nice light-leak transitions and an animated title page... keeping everything light, fun and somewhat French... just like the brand!

My role:

Editing: Edit together all the footage in a fun way that suits the brand.

Animation: Animate the logo for video.

Et en plus…

The scripted logo of this fun brand lend itself perfectly to a handwritten, animate-in effect!