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HozAlt LDN Voices

My Role

Editor (Adobe AE, PP, PSD)

What does "Le Bonbon" mean to you?

A Vox Pop video done in London's trendy Broadway Market for Le Bonbon London's Facebook Page (created March, 2016). Le Bonbon is a serial magazine that highlights the trendiest local eateries, shops and cultural happenings in six French cities. The London edition of Le Bonbon was born in 2015. A vox pop video is one where the camera (wo)man (and optionally a reporter or researcher) hit the streets in order to get short clips and points of a view on subject by the general public. My role was to edit all the funny answers together into a cohesive video and add some fun light leak animations. See for yourself, below!

What’s more…

I also animated the scripted logo for this and future use.