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Art Video //Good Grief


Annika Stridh, independent artist

My Role

Camera, Editor (start to finish: Adobe AE, PP, PSD)

The bedroom: the truest portrait of ourselves.

In this art documentation video, I captured the installation work of Annika Stridh. The focus of her work is the bedroom, and what that space says about the individual who inhabits it. Her art combined both the installation of a grandiose bedroom with a painted portrait, and a laptop, open on the bed. The installation was coupled with a performance in which the artist called into the gallery via Skype. She was crying, and at first the viewer might think they were watching a mere recording... until she called out to them, mentioning elements of what they were wearing or what they looked like. The visitors are seen, just as they currently seeing into the space of the bedroom. The line between performance and art, viewer and participant are blurred. My role: To capture the whole installation and a feel for the performance within a short video.

My role:

End-to-End Production: Camera, screen recording (Camtasia), editing (Adobe Premiere Pro)

What is ASMR?

The soundtrack of this video (the artist's voice) is meant to evoke the many ASMR videos that exist on the web. ASMR is a specific feeling that some people get when listening to a particularly soothing sound... a tingling sensation, very calming. For this video, Annika wished to highlight the unnerving feeling of closeness in this room exhibit with the added intimacy of an ASMR soundtrack.