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Creative Trailer //WonderWomen Group Show


Pearls & Beans (Production Agency)

My Role

Camera, Editor (start to finish: Adobe AE, PP, PSD)

Two videos that capture the spirit of the art show for social media.

On September 22nd, 2018, the iconic Bar Babette celebrated it's last Saturday before permanent closure with a special group art show: "WonderWomen: ART b!tch!" This show featured the works of 40 female-identifying artists (and allies) in one packed celebration. The event was curated by the marvelous Britta (Helbig) Adler. My role: For Magdalenda Balkowski's new Pearl & Beans production agency, which aims to deliver radically creative content for the social media pages of its clients by collaborating with video artists, I produced the following two videos. The first is a fun look at the event, with eye-catching animations and plenty of on-site footage, and the second video showcases the popular "Selfie-Ecke" run by stylist Julia Weber in front of Milovan DeStil Markovic's beautiful "Portrait of Phoolan Devi" (1995). I also produced a full art documentation video of this event for the curator; please scroll below for a link to view that.

The first video is the creative trailer:

The second video showcases the selfie photo booth:


Full Event Video

In addition to these short social media videos, I also produced a full, 2-minute art documentation video of this event for the curator, Britta Adler.