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CreativeTrailer // Space Monkeys


Zeiss Planetarium Berlin, Pearls & Beans (Production Agency)

My Role

Camera, Editor

Two distinct videos reimagine “2001: Space Odyssey” through dance for the planetarium.

The Zeiss Planetarium Berlin has been expanding the horizons of the local cultural scene by switching up its content offering—in addition to traditional education about the stars and beyond, they now host a ton of creative and experimental arts at their venue, from live music productions under their 360 dome to theater shows. To mark this exciting new content offering, they teamed up with Magdalena Balkowski of Pearls & Beans to make two new experimental trailers. She brought together a rad team to produce this new interpretation of "2001: Space Odyssey" through dance. My role: Camerawoman, Editor (Adobe AE and PP), Photographer, Wannabe Monkey
Astronaut and Two Acrobats

The two trailer videos:

25s Promo for Social Media

This short video was produced primarily for the planetarium's social media channels.

Full Length Video

Featuring original music by Sam Eyvaz.

Space Monkeys Video Team

The Space Monkeys Team

Back row, from left to right: Jim Förster (acrobatics), Alex Nasse (choreography and dance), John Förster (acrobatics).

Front Row: Sam Eyvaz (original music), Italo De Angelis (direction and concept), Magdalena Balkowski (production, Pearls & Beans), Karina Stridh (moi; camera and editing)

Space Hat
Jim and John and Abs
Karina Filming Alex