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Dance Video //Berlin, Love, Connection


Alexandra Nasse (Choreographer)

My Role

Post Production (Color, Titles)

Berlin is a place of connection.

What do you get when you mix six talented dancers and one amazing choreographer together in one of Berlin's most iconic U-Bahn stations? Something like this. Through dance, the video tells the tale of chance connections that can happen to anyone, anywhere, if you keep your eyes and heart open. ... only somehow these dancers make it all look way more graceful and cool than any chance encounters I have ever had on the U-Bahn! The Team: Idea & Choreography: Alexandra Nasse, Camera & Art Direction: Rubin Henkel, Dancers: Victoria Henze, Enrico Bade, John Förster, Jaslyn Reader, Antony Franz, Agata Boguslawska, Credits and Color: Karina Stridh (mjölk) My role: Post production! I created the titles and credits, and enhanced the colors. See the before and after below.

My role:

Post Production: Titles (After Effects) as well as color correction and enhancement.

The goal? To render the iconic orange of the station just as much a character as the dancers.

See a “before and after” of the color corrections: